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The beat; the slow low beat of the drum. The journey forward, moving about the landscape, stopping to visit and honor old friends and ancient ancestors, those who who warmed the land long before us. The beat progresses, slowly louder and more intense, gathering energy and uplifting spirits both present and past. Feel them, hear them, and touch them in the stone, in the water, and in the wind. The stones, standing tall, threading together the earth and heavens above us. They call to us, acknowledging our thirst for words of wisdom, unconditional love and strength of heart. 

You, our guide, our medium to the past, our connection to all things spirit, initiate a sense of belonging, connecting, and respecting those who came before us. You lay a groundwork of emotion, trust, imagination, acceptance, uninhibited warrior spirit and soulful freedom to connect with each other, to the earth, the elements and our purpose of being. You allow forgiveness, wild self realization, and promote the ability to laugh, be mindful, and to share. 

In these last days of our enriching tour, I will reflect on this journey of past and present. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to discover how I belong to this space in time, how I fit in, and how to continue to move forward in my journey of discovery. Thank you for a clarifying week of retreat. 

Debbie Weiss

Thank you for sharing this beautiful magical country with us – and for giving so much of yourself. You are truly a master storyteller and an imaginative guide. I’m hooked. Blessings.”  Henrette ~ Nh.

IST Mystical South-West 2023
Like many of Joe Keane’s acquaintances across the US and abroad, I have known this lively and
charismatic gentleman for decades in Cambridge, Massachusetts for his warmth and enthusiasm of his
home country and for years have said: “Someday, I will travel to Ireland with only Joe Keane as my
guide.” For Joe’s Irish Spirit Tours are no mere tourist attraction, but a deep dive into ancient pagan lore,
country stories, and the transition of same blending with modern Christianity. A skilled a story-teller and
knowledgeable jester with a great love of the island, our forever-bonded group of the Mystical South
West excursion experienced even doses of sacred holy wells and stone circles among woodlands and
green fields, as well as explorations of towns, gardens, art, music, and shops along the way. Be prepared
for flexibility in destinations and surprise meetings of new friends who will delight you with their
spontaneous sharing of literature and instrumentals, while Mother Nature’s forces steer you in new
directions…but always toward the sea, the land, the altar, the music, and the art…into your very soul.
Lauri A. Murphy Ma.

“Thank you for your friendship and the stories and the back roads. You have taken us places and shown us an Ireland that we have been wanting to meet. Let us do it again, Love and Light.” Jim and Mary NJ.

A magical, mystical tour to the Wild West of Ireland with Joe Keane! It does not get any better, folks. Kurt and I had never done a “tour”, and this one, I doubt is typical. Unpredictable! Joyous! So much energy and information. The real deal.” –Ann and Kurt Tn.

“You have moved my heart, mind, and soul. Your teachings and healing has given me a new appreciation for life” Mary Md.

  • You will be guided by a professional Irish storyteller
  • Discover the oldest mythology of Western Europe
  • Explore unique sacred archeological sites that are significant to your experience
  • Enjoy the benefits of a small group and make lifelong friends
  • Travel in style with comfort and flexibility
  • Learn about Irish history, folklore, and spiritual traditions
  • Relax and refresh in 4-star boutique hotels
  • Immerse yourself in Celtic symbolism to connect with ancient spirituality
  • Meet local poets and musicians in intimate settings
  • Enjoy a moderate morning walk to connect with nature
  • Learn to built Labyrinths and dowse the Earth’s energies
  • Find the four gifts of the Tuatha De Danann and the Sacred centre of Uisneach
  • Dine on delicious gourmet dinners featuring locally sourced food
  • The itinerary is subject to change to improve your travel experience

Tour Cancellation / Refund Policies
  • If you cancel your reservation, a cancellation fee will be determined using the following table:
Cancelled x Number of Days Prior to Tour’s Start DateCancellation Fee (per reservation)
91 or more days$350
31 – 90 days50% of tour price
0 – 30 daysNo refund
  • Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including those of weather or personal emergencies.
  • There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early.
  • Single room supplements are considered part of the trip price and are subject to cancellation fees.
  • If in the rare case that the Irish Spirit Tour must cancel a trip due to natural disaster, pandemic (including COVID-19), terrorism, civil unrest, government restriction, or any other circumstance beyond the reasonable control of IST, IRish Spirit Tour will issue a voucher for the full value of the tour that can be applied to another tour in the current or following season, or a full refund.
  • Irish Spirit Tour is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled trips, such as airline tickets or for costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, or illness.
  • We strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance in case your trip is cancelled or curtailed, or you are unexpectedly detained! We recommend using AIG Travel Guard. Contact us for details.