Travel Tips


Make photocopies of your passport and airline tickets.Write down the account numbers of items in your wallet along with phone numbers to call if lost/stolen. Bring a copy of this information with you PLUS leave a copy of this information with a trusted person at home. Minimize financial risks by leaving expensive jewelry, watches, and electronics at home. If you are wearing a backpack, swing it around to the front if you are in a crowded area. Keep your passport and other important items in a money belt that is under your clothing.

Sunny spells and scattered showers!

Irish weather is quite changeable – it can be windy, sunny, and rainy all in one day! We recommend you bring one medium-sized suitcase and a day bag if needed (small back pack). You can keep the day bag with you on the mini-coach (there is an overhead area above your seat) and your other suitcase will go in the back of the coach, which you can access during the day if needed. You will need to carry your bags from the mini-coach into a hotel and possibly up steps. If you forget something, you can probably buy it there.

Pack Lightly

  • Passport and travel documents such as airline tickets (with photocopies)
  • A pair walking/hiking shoes
  • Long sleeve and short sleeve tops that you can layer
  • Fleece top or sweater
  • Long pants; jeans and a pair of lighter weight pants
  • Waterproof/windproof jacket
  • Medications
  • Camera with battery charger
  • Cell phones, tablets, etc.

Changing Currency

Best rates are available at the ATM. Make sure it has a Cirrus or Plus. They are available in all banks and some stores.

Chip and Pin Credit Cards

Ireland has changed their credit cards to Chip and Pin technology. Irish people enter a PIN with all their credit card transactions. Some American bank cards do not have Chip and Pin technology. Simply tell the shop owner or restaurant person It’s a swipe card – it doesn’t have Chip and PIn” and they can proceed with the transaction without requiring a PIN from you.

Lunch and Dinner

To give you time and choice, you have free time each day for lunch and 2 evening meals on your own. One evening in Dingle and one in Sligo Town. This gives you the flexibility to find the menu you like. For lunch, we will stop each day for some simple fare. Being an island nation, much of the food is imported, it is a bit more expensive than the USA. A lunch of a sandwich, beverage, and chips can cost about 8 – 10 euro. A sit-down dinner in the evening can cost 20 – 35 euro. A pint of Guinness costs about 5 euro. Tipping in pubs, the bartender does not expect a tip. At the restaurant, you may see a Service Charge on the bill. This equals a tip. Taxi drivers do not expect a tip. The suggested amount of 5-10 euro per day for your bus driver. Tipping is optional for your tour guide. If you decide to tip, a suggested amount is 5 – 10 euro per day of the tour.

Mobile Phones

Check with your current carrier to see if an International plan is available. Be aware, if an international plan is not available, turn off your cellular service when you are not using it. Otherwise, you will see a much bigger bill than you expected. Connect to Wifi whenever possible. Some helpful apps to communicate with the folks back home are FB messenger, WhatsApp and Google Duo.

Electrical Items

You will need an adapter from 220 volt to 110 for your electrical devices.