Your Guide

Joe at 5th century Riasc Cross

Storyteller, Joseph Keane invites you to join himself and fellow like-minded travelers on a journey of discovery to mythical and sacred Ireland. Joe has been guiding small group tours to Ireland since 1998. He wanted to share his knowledge of ancient Celtic traditions that he has cultivated throughout his life learning of these sacred places. Joe was born in Co. Kerry and has maintained deep roots to his hometown of Castleisland. He still has family and dear friends spread across the country. Some will be joining him on tour as poets, musicians and singers to add richness and vibrancy to your experience. Joe uses his knowledge of each area in Ireland to guide his guests on the roads less traveled to sites that only locals know. Hear him share the mythical tales of an era when the people worshiped Goddesses; High Kings ruled the lands and time was measured in a wheel. Throughout your journey, Joe weaves a witty and poignant tapestry of stories, lyrics, and poetry that will envelop you in a cloak that will open your mind and warm your soul.

Your guide Joe Keane shares traditions associated with St Brigid’s Day with Brian O Donavan on PBS’s GBH radio in Boston. We are getting ready to return to Ireland this summer. If you want to join us a discover something special.…/01/31/st-brigids-day-february-1st

Joe sharing some poetry on Innisfallen Island in Co. Kerry

“We are seekers and searchers trusting the road to take us where we need to go. It may be beneath a bush or by the water flow that we will hear a whisper, maybe from someone of long ago, and when we do, we will listen and take note of the silence within us that allows us to hear the voices of long ago”
— Joe Keane